Interested in what others are saying about the tribal gaming industry? Gaming, and its effects, has become an influential topic of research and thus, leading experts have written articles of resource for anyone interested in the vast, positive impact that tribal gaming has had, and continues to have, in all communities.

Click on the links below to read interesting research articles as resources for better understanding the tribal gaming industry.

Economic Impact Study 2016

by , Beacon Economnics
December 2, 2016, Los Angeles, CA

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Association Between Casino Opening or Expansion and Risk of Childhood Overweight and Obesity

by Jessica C. Jones-Smith, PhD, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.
May 3, 2014, Baltimore, MD

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Economic Impact Study 2014

by , Beacon Economics
March 7, 2014, Los Angeles, CA

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Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund Report

by California State Audit Report,
March 6, 2014, Sacramento,CA

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Tribal Gaming in California: Maximizing the Unique Benefits of Government Gaming for All Californians

by Katherine Spilde, Ph.D., San Diego State University
December 11, 2013,

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Economic Impact Study 2012

by , Beacon Economics
July 9, 2012, Los Angeles, CA

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