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TribalNet is LinkedIn

June 4, 2009

Tribal executives and IT leaders can now network with others in their field by joining the TribalNet online community group on the professional network, LinkedIn. TribalNet has been working for over 10 years to link together tribes and technology through many avenues including an annual conference, webinars and membership services.

“During our 2008 conference roundtable session, attendees expressed an interest in networking with one another year-round,” said Shannon Bouschor, TribalNet Director & Coordinator. “They find the interaction they have with one another at the conference extremely beneficial and have expressed that this is one of the most valuable attributes of the TribalNet conference; it’s why it’s unique compared to other events in the industry. Being a part of our LinkedIn group will allow industry professionals to easily connect with each other in order to stimulate discussions, celebrate successes, share challenges and solutions while offering each other advice year round.”

The LinkedIn network allows people to connect and collaborate with qualified professionals in the same unique industry. The TribalNet organization started over a decade ago with this same foundation through the vision of TribalNet founder and chairman of the advisory boards, Michael Day. The newly formed LinkedIn group echoes the core of the TribalNet organization and was exclusively created for those involved in making decisions with technology at tribes. “Our LinkedIn group is exclusive to IT leaders, staff, general managers, tribal planners, executive directors, tribal council and anyone else at a tribal organization who is involved in making decisions in technology,” said Bouschor. “Maintaining the group’s specific membership criteria will be extremely beneficial to all who join.”

The most recent discussion within the online community asks what main IT projects or leadership focus do members have planned for 2009. Some of the discussions included the following excerpts:

• Our main focus will be re-visiting the technology we implemented over the last couple of years. We will be re-evaluating what we have and making sure we are getting the most out of our investments.

• We have just finished implementing a document imaging solution for our health clinic and services.

• Biggest projects are the reconfiguration of the core network at the Casino side and the design of the Hotel infrastructure. Researching wireless solutions and guest services connectivity.

• We are opening a new wing to our hotel, a day spa, and a buffet restaurant, so most of my major projects revolve around that. Everything else is all about doing more with less and prioritizing spending.

• We are changing how we do business and how our investments now will impact the future expansion of programs, enterprises, and member services.

Upcoming discussions are on the horizon while regular news alerts will include notices on industry events, job posting across the nation as well as important news specific to the Native American gaming and government technology industry. To join the TribalNet group on LinkedIn, go to the LinkedIn website at, search groups for “TribalNet online community” and request to join. When approved you will be notified and welcomed to the group.

TribalNet is an organization with the goal of bringing technology and tribes together by offering various levels of membership services, online webinars, news, consulting services as well as an annual conference that brings together this unique industry. This year's 10th annual conference will be held October 5- October 8, 2009 at the Suncoast Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Visit www.tribalnetonline for more information.

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