CNIGA Policy Issues

CNIGA's primary purpose is to protect the inherent sovereign right of tribal governments to have gaming on tribal lands. To that end, CNIGA takes policy positions on a range of issues that impact tribal government gaming on a state and federal level. These policy positions reflect the position of the membership on an array of public policy issues.

To read these policy statements please click on the links provided.

Sports Wagering — Guiding Principles

Date Adpoted: August 16, 2018

Amended: April 24, 2019

Amended: November 5, 2019

California Internet Gambling Legislation — Guiding Principles

Date Adpoted: June 23, 2011

Re-affirmed: October 20, 2016

CNIGA Guiding Principles for Tribes/Brown Administration Compact Negotiations

Date Adpoted: June 23, 2011

Re-affirmed: October 20, 2016

CNIGA Policy to Support Tribal-State Gaming Compacts

Date Adpoted: February 15, 2008

Re-affirmed: October 20, 2016

Policy on Expansion of Gaming Beyond Tribal Land

Date Adpoted: December 3, 2003

Re-affirmed: October 20, 2016

Support of IGRAs Provisions for Taking Land Into Trust

Date Adpoted: September 10, 2003

Re-affirmed: March 17, 2005

Re-affirmed: October 20, 2016

Re-affirmed: June 17, 2021

Federal Recognition of Indian Tribes and Indian Lands

Date Adpoted: May 15, 2003

Re-affirmed: October 20, 2016

Statement of Principles Relating to Labor

Date Adpoted: July 14, 1998

Re-affirmed: October 20, 2016