Contact: Manveer Sahota, Director of Project Management



CNIGA Member 314x250
The mission of the partnership for Health Equity and Inclusion (PHEI) is to promote and conduct innovative and effective public health interventions and to develop and implement programmatic and policy solutions based on addressing the inequities found in the Social Determinants of Health.

PHEI grows out of a need for services and resources to be delivered to underserved communities in order to increase economic, cultural, racial, and health equity. We work with marginalized communities by leveraging culturally competent, multi-lingual community-based education, advocacy, and program/policy resources for low-income, low literacy, and multi-cultural populations. PHEI is a 501(C)3 non-profit charitable organization that works independently and in community-based partnerships to address a wide range of public health and environmental issues including childhood injury prevention, tobacco/nicotine use prevention, climate change/environmental equity, heart and lung disease, nutrition, public safety, and reproductive health. All of our work is done with the goal of equity and inclusivity for all we serve.