Contact: Kristina Richardson, National Sales Manager


Address: 20464 Chartwell Center Dr. Suite J
Cornelius, NC 28031

Phone: (704) 576- 6840

CNIGA Member 314x250
CinchSkirt is Certified Women Owned and created by a leading hospitality interior designer as a solution to the cumbersome
hotel guestroom bed skirt.

CinchSkirt is a patented bed-wrap made with stretchy fabric and elastic to fit around the boxspring. Its innovative design fits 5”-9”H boxprings without the need for complicated bed measurements.

Cinchskirt can be laundered in house, commercial washing, drying and exceed all industry testing requirements.

CinchSkirt meets Cal/OSHA housekeeping standards.

CinchSkirt reduces operational inconveniences with more functionality, and durability by not shifting or sagging during daily bed-making.

Cinchskirt can be installed in minutes without removing the mattress and allows a quicker turn-over of the room and helps
prevent back injuries.

Cinchskirt is manufactured in El Salvador and stocked in North Carolina with quick ship inventory available.