Contact: Alex Baird, Founder & CEO



Phone: (405) 450-7654

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Parking is both the first and the last impression that a customer has of a property, but we’re still parking cars the same way we did when the Model T rolled off the assembly line 100 years ago. What if properties could expand the footprint of their guest service into the parking lot and enhance the guest experience from the moment they arrive?

Enter Beacon, a revolutionary new technology which gives properties the ability to do three things:

Welcome VIPs and other important guests back to the property with personalized digital experiences and receive alerts that they’ve arrived.
Give guests who value convenience the ability to pay to park in up-front parking spaces and donate back to community nonprofits and charities.
Eliminate existing challenges with guests illegally parking in handicapped spaces, VIP spaces, fire lanes, and more.

Beacon drives extra visits from a property’s top customers. It gets them inside faster and in a better mood, all while simultaneously generating a significant new stream of incremental revenue. The three of these benefits combine to create happier guests who are more ready to spend, a stronger bottom line, and a highly visible and effective way to support the local community.

It’s time to differentiate your property from the competition and bring your parking lot into the 21st century.